COMPASS MUSIC SHOWCASES  Compass sponsors Showcase events that promote the musical talent and original song compositions of aspiring musicians, singers and songwriters.

See calendar page for dates and details for upcoming showcases.


SEPTEMBER 6, 2008:  “AN ECLECTIC EVENING OF MUSIC” (Cherry Street Artisan) Featuring: Ruth Acuff, Jeff Mueller, Noah Earle, Jackson Fischer, Casey Reeves, Sam D’Agostino, and others

DECEMBER, 12, 2008: “AN EVENING OF MUSIC” (Cherry Street Artisan) Featuring: Ginger Blue, The Defenestrators, NightShift, MU Afro-Cuban Quintet, and Lee Elementary Drumming, Prahlad

DECEMBER 31, 2008: “MUSICIANS SHOWCASE” (First Night 2009) Featuring: Sam and Elizabeth D’Agostino, Phylshawn

AUGUST 28, 2009:  “AN EVENING OF MUSIC” (CherryStreet Artisan) Featuring: The Sparks, Free Collective, Rhythm Plus 1, Strangers Testimony

 DECEMBER 31, 2009:  “COMPASS WOMEN’S MUSIC SHOWCASE” (First Night 2010) Featuring:Vicki Leighty Band Trio, Ginger Blue, Hilary Scott Band Trio

MARCH 12, 2011:  “COMPASS MUSIC SHOWCASE: SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND” (Piano Distributors) Featuring:  Violet Vonder Haar, Jordan Thomas

DECEMBER 31, 2011:  “COMPASS MUSIC SHOWCASE: SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND” (First Night 2012) Featured Songwriters:  Bill Adams, Bill Beach, Marion Doerflinger, Richard Dixon, Win Grace, Vicki Leighty, Danna Chaney Moore, Tom Weislocher and Johnny Freeman.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012:  “COMPASS MUSIC SHOWCASE AT ECOARTFEST: MID-MO SONGWRITING CIRCLE” (MoRivCC’s EcoArt Fest 2012) Featured Songwriters:  Marion Doerflinger, Tom Weislocher, Nirtana Goodma, Bill Beach, Ray Hopkins, Tony Lotven and  Rose Grotjan.

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